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Checklist for Quality Child Care
Finding quality child care in a city like Bangalore is going to take a little homework. The following is a checklist of important information to consider when visiting several centres. We hope this will be helpful in making a decision that is right for you and your child.
Recent studies prove the long term benefits of a Quality Early Childhood program:

• Makes Learning fun
• Develops the love of learning
• Caters to the growing needs of this generation
• Gives your child a headstart in school
• Prepares your child for an increasingly competitive world

Health and Safety


Creative Kidz

School A

School B

Centre is clean and comfortable.



Hand washing encouraged.



Toys and furniture are in good shape.



Snacks served daily.



Staff is CPR and 1st Aid trained.



Outdoor areas are fenced for safety.



Special door hinge guards to protect children from injury.



In-house maintenance crew.



Professional company cleans centre daily.



Staff is trained in emergency procedures.



Screenings and immunizations are available at the center.


Indoor and Outdoor Environment


Creative Kidz

School A

School B

Each classroom has a wide variety of materials.



Materials are at child's eye level and within reach.



Children artwork is displayed in each classroom.



Each classroom has an area to store belongings.



Child sink and restroom close to classroom.



Age groups are separated indoors and outdoors.



Outdoor Areas have several play structures.



Individual enclosed classrooms



Preschoolcentre custom built with children in mind.



Multiple learning centres in each room.



Pre-School Centre Staff


Creative Kidz

School A

School B

Enjoy being with children.



Guide children with praise and encouragement.



Use a pleasant tone of voice.



Bend down to speak to children at their level.



Knowledgeable in how children grow and develop.



Preschool provides on-going teacher training. 



Positive guidance and re-direction are used.



Program of Daily Activities


Creative Kidz

School A

School B

Children are busy, happy and involved in activities.



Program encourages self-reliance and independence.



A teacher prepared lesson plan is posted.



Dance and Computer classes are available.



Graduation ceremony for children starting kindergarten.



Children are actively engaged in learning.



Ongoing schedule of guest speakers and special events.



Parent Involvement


Creative Kidz

School A

School B

Open door policy encourages parents to visit.



Parents receive progress reports on their children.



Office and teaching staff are helpful and professional.



Children favourite foods provided by parents for lunch.



Monthly newsletters of school events available.



Flexible schedules to meet your families' needs.



Centre values cultural diversity.



Administrator available during all working hours.



Some of the Highlights of CreativeKidz

(24/7 Child Care, Play School, Nursery, LKG-UKG, Out of School time - after school activities and summer activities.) Learning Centre include:
• Convenient Location.
• Experienced and Educated Teachers.
• Age Appropriate Program.
• Extra Curricular Activities.
• Competitive tuition Rates.
• Well Maintained, Child oriented Environment.
We hope that after visiting several centres that you will choose CreativeKidz (24/7 Child Care, Play School, Nursery, LKG-UKG, Out of School time - after school activities and summer activities.) to provide your child with a warm, caring, educational and fun experience.