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Early Childhood education makes children thrive on routine. It gives them a sense of security within their environment. Our Daily Schedule provides a balance of active/passive and indoor/outdoor activities. Key points of our curriculum focus on literacy, math and science. Everyday includes music and movement, art, and dramatic play. Social skills such as group participation, sharing, self-help, personal safety and character development are emphasized.

You will need to pack a snack box for your child. We believe children eat better and feel better when you pack their snack box with the food you know they like best. Also, our experience has proven that there is a positive emotional connection with the parent when they see the snack box you have lovingly prepared for them. Increased verbal skills are evident as they talk with their friends at the snack table.

Note: Below table is a sample of our daily schedule to understand the activity time wise.
Timings Activies
9:15-9:30 Transition Time
9:30-9:45 Child-initiated activities
9:45-9:55 Morning Prayer/Meditation/ National Anthem
9:55-10:10 Circle Time
10:10-10:25 Greeting and Introduction to daily events
10:25-10:40 Snack Pack
10:40-10:55 Class Community Group Activity in Music and Movement
10:55-11:10 Small Group Teacher Initiated Activity
11:10-11:25 Class time for Plan, Do, Review in curriculum areas
11:25-11:35 Outside for physical fitness/play
11:35-11:45 Story Time
11:45-11:55 Learning Center
11:55-12:00 Child Initiated Activity/ Transition Time